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Everything you need to submit life insurance business with us

We're committed to making it easier for you to protect more people. Our tools and experienced teams are here to help you navigate the life insurance submission process quickly and accurately.

We're with you at every step of the submission process

Access tools and support to make the life insurance submission process efficient for you and Allstate customers.
Find the details you need to submit applications efficiently and accurately.
Place more cases with support from our underwriting resources and experienced team.

Keep tabs on your cases using our pending business tool.

Leverage electronic policy delivery and find important details for any delivery method you choose.
A financial professional submitting a new business case with Protective.
Ready to submit an application?

Drop ticket platforms we support:

  • iGo (can be used for all solutions except Protective® Series Passport term simplified issue)
  • Protective's drop-ticket platform, EZ-AppSM (can be used with Protective Series Passport term simplified issue)

Find support for iGo through Allstate's intranet platform, Gateway; and for EZ-App through the guide and dedicated webpage.

Application submissions

Here are some general guidelines for submitting applications with initial premium.

Before writing life insurance business in New York, please consult our best practices job aid.

We accept premiums with the application up to a face amount of $1,000,000, in-force and applied for, to include Protective and its affiliates.

Under the Conditional Life Receipt, premium should not be accepted if the client:

  • Is under 15 days of age or over age 8
  • Has been admitted to a hospital or other medical facility, been advised to be admitted, or had surgery performed or recommended within the past 90 days
  • Has had treatment recommended, or has been treated within the past 2 years for heart trouble, stroke or cancer
  • Has been rated or declined for insurance within the past 5 years
  • Intends to leave the United States within the next 60 days

Important conditional life receipt notes:

  • Explain to your client that the Conditional Life Receipt provides limited coverage under specific conditions
  • Ensure that the Conditional Life Receipt is fully completed, and the applicant's copy is left with the applicant when money is collected
  • If premium is received with the application and the applicant's copy of the Conditional Life Receipt is attached, a letter from Protective's home office will be sent to the applicant enclosing their copy
  • Postdated checks will not be accepted

Please note, if premium is received with the application which is outside the above listed guidelines, or the Conditional Life Receipt is not fully completed:

  • We will communicate before the premium is returned, allowing you the opportunity to contact your client
  • We will return the premium to the premium payor

Please consult the Acceptable Forms of Money grid for Check Acceptance Guidelines.

Call your Regional Vice President or contact us.

Exception handling

Applications that are missing information, have incorrect information or contain information that requires verification are removed from the normal underwriting workflow and placed in exception handling to expedite the resolution of these issues.

The most common items placed into exception handling include:

  • Replacement forms and/or replacement company information
  • Conditional life receipt or temporary life receipt (CA and KS)
  • Money orders/cashier's checks submitted with the application

When submitting your applications, pay close attention to these items to ensure that your applications are processed quickly and accurately.

Financial professional uses the online pending business tool to get status updates on pending business and 1035 Exchanges.
Keep track of your pending business and 1035 exchanges

You can view the real-time status of your pending business and 1035 exchanges using our pending business tool.

Access pending business tool via MyProtective.

Life policy delivery rules, regardless of method

Whether you choose to deliver policies to customers electronically or through paper, here’s what you should know about delivery.

When a policy is issued on a COD basis:

  • A letter is sent with the policy stating the requirements needed
  • The file is held open for a period of 45 days

Files are held on a COD basis for items such as:

  • Delivery receipt
  • Premium
  • Amendments
  • Good health statements
  • (PAW) authorizations/voided checks
  • Alternate policies
  • Signed Illustrations
  • Save Age Forms
  • Other miscellaneous items not received prior to issuance of the policy

Please note:

  • Money orders, cashier's checks, official checks, etc. are not acceptable for premium payments
  • Credit cards are not acceptable for VUL premium payments (product availability varies by firm)
  • COD policies should only be delivered if there has been no change in health and insurability of the insured from that described on the application
  • No future dating will be allowed for VUL business (product availability varies by firm)

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