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Tips for starting life insurance conversations naturally
September 27, 2023
When you discuss life events with friends it happens naturally, so why shouldn’t conversations about life insurance with customers be the same? Initiating a conversation with customers about the need for life insurance is easier than you think when you leverage cross-selling opportunities. See how easy it is to bring up life insurance naturally, while gaining cross-selling opportunities that help your business thrive.

Connecting the dots is easy

Shifting conversations you’re already having with customers toward life insurance is the best way to get things started. For example, if a customer bought a home insurance policy, you might say: "Your homeowner’s policy doesn’t have any provisions to cover your mortgage, but we can bring in life insurance to help with that.”

Alternately, during a conversation about an auto policy, you might say: "Your auto policy doesn’t have any provisions to cover your car loan or lease payments, but we can bring in life insurance to help with that.”

Another more general way to make the connection can be posed like this: "If you passed away, could your family afford to pay the monthly bills and maintain their current lifestyle? If the answer is no, there is a solution."

Common gaps that can be solved with life insurance

  • Maintaining standard of living/income replacement
  • Paying off outstanding debts like mortgages, car loans or credit cards
  • Covering future emergency expenses like childcare/education costs, long term care/nursing home expenses/chronic illness planning

A tool to easily identify coverage gaps

You can also help you customers identify coverage gaps by having them take the Life Insurance Needs Quiz. This tool allows customers to answer a set of specific questions that can help you determine what their coverage gaps may be. Using this tool will help you prepare to naturally start a conversation about life insurance the next time you connect with them.

Visit the Why Life Insurance page to learn more about integrating life insurance into your routine.

We’re here for you

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