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Couple interested in learning about Social Security.
Couple interested in learning about Social Security.

Bridge the Social Security information gap with customers

Social Security is a key element in almost everyone's retirement income plan and part of a comprehensive approach to financial planning. We have resources that can help you educate customers, optimize benefits and identify products to fill any gaps.
Couple celebrating the fact that Social Security will help fund their retirement.
Help them make the most of their benefit
Ensure customers understand Social Security and maximize their benefits since, on average, it provides beneficiaries 40% of their pre-retirement income.¹ Your efforts can yield long-term benefits for them and enhance your value as a trusted retirement resource.
8 things to know about Social Security
There's a lot to know in order to take full advantage of Social Security. For example, a spouse with a limited work history can still receive benefits. Download this flyer to learn 8 important things to consider when talking about it with customers. 
A financial professional explains details about Social Security with customers.

Timing is everything with Social Security

Help customers understand the timeframe for accessing Social Security so they have the information they need to maximize their benefits. Download and share the complete flyer from the Resources section below.
Birth to age 18
Children are eligible to receive retired parent or survivor's benefits.
Age 60
Reduced survivor benefits become available to spouses of deceased recipients.
Age 62
Reduced benefits are now available to anyone eligible to receive Social Security.
Age 67
Currently considered the full retirement age for anyone born in 1960 or later.
Age 70
The age at which all annual benefit increases are exhausted and benefits should begin.
A financial professional explaining information to customers.
Share your Social Security knowledge at a customer event
Position yourself as the ‘go-to’ resource for customers’ retirement planning needs by hosting an informational session on Understanding Social Security. We’ll provide everything you’ll need to be successful from invitations to presentation, including this helpful customer workbook.

Interested in hosting a customer event? Contact us now to get started.

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A financial professional explaining information to clients.
A financial professional exploring a client's options for Social Security.
Explore Social Security options with this essential tool
Help customers better understand the strategies and tactics for Social Security income planning based on their personal situation. This insightful tool sheds light on the potential outcomes they could expect based on the retirement-planning decisions they make. Log in to use the calculator.

Helpful resources on Social Security

Want to expand your Social Security knowledge? Need more tools to support your conversations with customers? Just download these Social Security resources.
Social Security timeline flyer
Social Security timeline
Understanding Social Security guide
Understanding Social Security guide
Retirement checklist for consumers
Annual retirement checklist
Brochure containing windfall elimination provisions
Windfall Elimination Provision brochure

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